3 Things I NEED For The Summer

Okay so this is my first proper post since my first post last week and I thought I’d make it one about the build-up to Summer 2015 since I’m setting myself a challenge. Don’t worry, not boring!

Most of us girls are very unorganised and I bet none of my gorgeous readers are going to argue with me on that point, you see, listen… Crickets! Ha. Anyway yes with Summer 2015 fast-approaching I think it’s definitely worth doing a bit of planning and making some purchases in preparation.

Here are 3 things I’ll be buying for the Summer:

Hair Extensions

I’m just like any other girl and hate my hair on even the best days but hair extensions are a real effective way of adding beauty, style and colour to your hair without adding chemicals to it or waiting years for it to grow long enough to give you that Jennifer Aniston look. She’s so pretty!

I naturally have short(ish) blonde hair and so hair extensions are something I can’t go without at the best of times let alone Summertime. I look absolutely terrible without them.

You can learn more about hair extensions on Wikipedia if you’re not too sure about them.

Front Fastening Bras

I’ve only ever purchased one front fastening bra but it was so easy and comfortable.

Chums are great for their front fastening bras so will I will be purchasing a few for them. Not only are they extremely comfortable and convenient but they’re also better for the boyfriend since they often struggle with getting them off (haha) so if you need a reason to treat yourself to one of these front fastening bras ladies then you now have one. Thank me with a comment below! haha

Seriously though, they’re much more comfortable for running about in and some friends I know even use them to lounge on the beach although I’m not up for that one myself.

Coloured Contact Lenses

I have brown eyes. They’re dull. Especially in the sunshine.

I have blonde hair and, according to the majority of my friends, blue eyes would go A LOT better with my blonde hair and so I recently started using coloured contact lenses ever now and then although I fully plan to ramp this up big time during the Summer. I’ll need to purchase some daily use ones.

Have some Summer guy suggestions? Let me know below.

Welcome to my new blog!

Every blog needs a famous first post, right?

I’m Sophia – you can learn more about me over here or contact me here.

I’m going to do my very best to update this blog as often I can about all of the things I love as well as general life and thoughts on current world affairs. Too late for an election post, isn’t it? But let’s just see I am a little disappointed that Labour didn’t get back in but hey ho some will be happy.

Anyway I’m just happy that I created this blog before the real British Summer arrives as that’s when most of the fun happens in life. At least for me anyways! I’m so excited for it.

I have a couple of ideas for it…

I was thinking that instead of posting day-to-day rambling about what I do during the Summer (that could get boring) that I could do challenges. You know similar to those on Facebook?

Most people want to spend all of their time at the beach during the Summer but I really like to get out and do different things and so my challenge could be to do something entirely different ever day. Maybe for 2 or 3 weeks as I’m not rich enough to do more than that really haha.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas! =]